What is IP-reputation?

Blacklists keep track on whether your outbound mails and domain comply with the rules as specified in the SPF, DKIM, and DMARK specifications. Also, if many people mark your e-mails as being spam, your sending reputation will quickly become poor.

Reputation Hero monitors all sending IPs and can help with the problems that can arise as long as the rules regarding OPT-in and third-party data are complied with.

Can my problem be fixed per incident?

Reputation Hero is built on long-term collaborations. We need to be able to know your flow and follow your data. Due to the amount of knowledge we have to obtain, we can not just help in the case of a single incident.
We use our energy to improve our customers’ ongoing reputation.

Will my emails ever be blocked again?

Reputation Hero will help you establish and maintain a positive and strong IP-reputation, notify you of any blocks, and work on your behalf to get them removed quickly.

We can promise you fewer blocks and a very quick solution to the problems that arise, but factors as many complaints, poor engagement statistics, content marketing etc. can always put an end to the delivery. There is no “magic” bullet to solve all problems and whitelisting of IPs and domains only exist in fairytales.

The truth is: If you send e-mails, there is a good chance you will get blocked at some point. However, we will make sure your company’s e-mail activity will be monitored and all available tools will be used to mitigate the problem.

How do I know if my server’s IP address(es) is/are blocked?

As a RepHero customer, you’ll have access to several tools and reports which will give you a good picture of what’s going on with your IP address at any given time.

Every day, we run a scan of your sending IP across dozens of the most popular email blacklists.

If there’s a problem with a reputable blacklist, we will work to resolve that issue for you immediately. You are notified that we have identified a problem and that we are either working to resolve the problem or provide you with the steps that you need to take before the ISPs will remove the block.

Will I get off the blacklist?

With Reputation Hero assistance you will have a big chance of getting removed if you follow our recommendations. Seeing that we do not run the blacklists or control how you use your email, we offer no guarantee. No magic bullet exists when it comes to delisting from blacklists. But following best practises and keeping the written and unwritten email sending rules will keep you on the right path.

My IP is blacklisted – what now?

Just leave it to us!

Taking apart the actual blacklisting mechanism we will focus on the actual delisting workflow:

  • 1. As a Reputation Hero client, you will automatically be placed in a delisting pool for quick and effective action.
  • 2. The pool gets processed every day by our skilled Reputation Heroes following a set of custom instructions on how to proceed.
  • 3. After the delisting process, the status of your IP will be updated with the appropriate status –  done, failed or delayed.
Can you help me RIGHT NOW?

A dedicated Reputation Hero can be made available to solve your problem and emergency delisting to avoid further RBL escalation (domino effect). Fast-track e-mail requests (with a maximum of 1-hour response) is also available.

What makes the Reputation Hero support team special?

We have a dedicated superpowered in-house support team available 24/7 for any and all of your questions or issues.

We have a lightning fast response rate to any customer need and always ready to take action towards rebuilding your online reputation.

Most support tickets are answered within minutes of being opened, up to a maximum of a few hours.

Why does my email get blocked?

There are 3 main reasons why your emails get blocked:

  1. IP and domain reputation problems
  2. Content marked as spam or filtered
  3. Complaints from your receivers

Each day, a RepHero account specialist personally checks your account activity from the previous day. If a major ISP blocks your email due to IP or domain related issues, we’ll submit a ticket on your behalf and then notify you that we have detected a problem and that we are working on it for you.

Once the block has been removed, you will receive a follow-up email indicating the good news

How long does it take to get delisted?

In many cases, we can clear up problems within a matter of a few hours. In other instances, it may take several days and/or some action on your part, such as removing bad addresses, assessing your content and modifying it to reduce spam complaints.

Every email provider is different. It all depends on which ISP has blocked you and why you are blocked.

We guarantee that as soon as there is an issue a RepHero specialist begins the delisting process for you.

What is monitoring?

Every day Reputation Hero checks IP and domains against 160 RBLs. We preserve a 60-day history to be able to view and review the evolution of the target – ie. how many times a target IP has been listed/delisted on how many blacklists.

What Premium services do you offer?

Depending on your needs, we can provide the following, unique services on the market:

  • Full integration with your feedback loop email account(s)
  • Fast processing of SpamCop reports, without getting listed in the actual SpamCop RBL and preventing further RBL escalation
  • Integration with Microsoft Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) for early IP blacklist discovery and fast delisting
  • Custom monitoring, IP scoring, and delisting for private/premium blacklists, such as EarthLink, ReturnPath’s SenderScore, McAfee, Cisco’s SenderBase (Talos Intelligence), Symantec, AOL, and many others.
Can we discuss a custom pricing plan?

Sure! If the pre-existing pricing plan does not suit your needs, contact us so we can discuss an appropriate plan, fully custom-tailored for your particular reputation needs.

Which Realtime Black Lists are you monitoring ?

We monitor public and private blacklists as well.

To mention a few out the 50 potential public blacklists we keep an eye on:

  • Spamhaus
  • Spamcop

Several of the private lists that we follow are:

  • Symantec
  • Hotmail block list on SNDS
  • Barracuda

How about Gmail, Yahoo and AOL?

Gmail has no delisting functionality. It is possible to fill out a form reg. delivery problems, but you will never get any answer or confirmation if the problem was solved.

Same for Yahoo, no feedback mechanisms besides the option to sign up on the FBL form

AOL is pretty much like Yahoo, a Feedback loop is available, but unlike Hotmail FBL, you will not get the email from complaint to suppress.