Our story

The story

RepHero was founded by Lucian and Hans in 2018. Both have worked with reputation issues for a long time.

Lucian has been the driving force at Email Service Provider mySMTP handling reputation and blacklist monitoring. He is now the super reputation hero managing rephero.io, coordinating the requests from our customers and solving the problems with a strong team of Reputation Heroes.

Hans is the original founder of mySMTP and has been focusing on successful email delivery services since 2007. The knowledge built over the years about best practices regarding sender reputation and how to solve the many obstacles the senders experience sculpted the concept of what is now RepHero, an idea that has been in the making since 2017.

Our definition of RepHero

RepHero is not only defined by automatic lookups, but also by a friendly platform where engagement with superhuman consultants is easier than ever!

The discipline of keeping a good sender reputation implies a plethora of threads going in various  directions. The Blacklists as other reputation monitoring systems that analyze your sending IPs/domains change often, without any warnings. It’s our duty to catch these signals and proactively consult our customers.