About us

Out-of-this-world Services

Reputation Hero is a small, but awake, and clever company based in Scandinavia. We focus on preparing infrastructure and clearing the way for e-mail delivery. We love to help our customers by inventing and building successful solutions that will help them break on through.

Working solutions

Built on a strong support team and a very close collaboration with the customers, Reputation Hero has successfully helped domains and IPs with a damaged reputation, including RBL (RealTimeBlacklist) delisting, background checking, and preemptive infrastructure warnings. Also, we have offered our help in correctly configuring SPF, DKIM, DMARC, rDNS, and custom e-mail headers.

Global helping

Our tailored solutions cover a wide range of challenges and problems that can be faced and dealt with quickly and efficiently. Amongst our clients are casual emailers and marketing automation services, ESPs (Email Service Providers), and ISPs (Internet Service Providers).